27 January 2007



Well today my son came running out of the lounge with a look of absolute shock across his face

" you know that ring of light on the xbox dad? well now its nearly all red and the 360 dosent work..."
Well now I had the same look.
Anyway to cut a long story short after 10 minutes of reseting unplugging and just plain quessing about the xboxs hurry to switch out to the error mode was getting me worried...
And then it happened..The whole power grid in the house shut down without warning and my first quess was the faulty 360 had tripped the circuit breakers, but when i open the meter box all the breakers were set.
It just got weirder. Now we had no power in the house and a lack of an obvious fault. so my best quess was an earth leakage somewhere near the meterbox as the safety cut out wasnt tripping even on manual testing.
Hmmm, time to call a electrician I know to open up the power distribution board (need a license for this one guys :)
And quess what we found? a burnt out 2,5 mm earth return from the circut breaker. and to top it off , the 2,5mm wire should have had a core of at least 4mm !!!
scummy house builder!
So with a new 4mm wire in place the xbox was running fine .
So if you see three red lights on your xbox and no signs of why. maybe , just maybe its just a ghost in the machine, the real problem is in the walls of your house...scary thought.
(*this article is not intended to replace the advice of a licenced electrician for your home wiring needs)