26 January 2007


My latest toy is a N73 phone from nokia, While a search around the net will reveal its strengths and weakness's , its not why I got this one. In fact this time around I decided to just go to my local phone shop and see what was actually on the shelf instead of waiting around like I had to to get the 9500. So i decided on two styles or functions as my main indicators and went from there.
First ones I wanted to look into were the slide out phones , the smallest ones i could find. But these all tended to be a bit flimsy when oped and I wounder how long it will last before the connections break between the two halves.
So i went with plan B, the biggest megapixel camera they had in stock.
It was a choice between a nokia and some other brand that eludes me at the moment so it must have been one i didnt like...
So i grabbed the nokia with the 3.2 megapixel camera and it had a slide cover on the camera so I sort of got what i wanted..LOL.
Not bad as a media phone with miniSD slot LED flash ,an actual mechanical shutter and variousgallery views and a slieshow option with sound !!
flash light 1 and a radio with visual radio support help flesh out the oh so n-gage (lament) os.
In fact this is the same OS just release 3 not 1 as the gage was.
The 6600 had v2 and now with v3 (s60v3) there is two releases ( not upates) but a normal and music player edtion .
Mines the normal one but its still cool to mess with.
Now i have a camera with me ill try to get into mobile blogging for real, actually uploading from events and the like from the site with major write ups to follow when I get home.
Anyway nuff ranting..
old robots dont die...they just