26 January 2007


While surfing the net for new robot ideas, I came upon this little beast willing ready and able to kick the gears in on a few of our other robot mates..
I know its just a brain, but think of it as the start of a great thing. And what better place to start looking then at some of its features,
INNOVATION FIRST-frc robot controller

16 Digital user set I/O ports
16 Analogue I/O ports
12 standard pwm outputs & 4 high speed outputs
4 led outputs for team colors
2 x PICmicro processor's onboard
Reset pins and Program pins
Serial port interface

So while its high cost and lack of supplied software might be off putting, the host of ports and the radio modem does make it a good option for controlling a ROBO ! robot or maybe some sensor riddled rover ready to take on the backyard, or a war zone, the choice is yours...
And with two ( yes that is TWO) PIC chips on board running the show , you can be sure that its up to the task of taking over the world and becoming a general in the Robot Army.

So now its got me thinking of grabbing a second viper soon and piggypacking it to the one I have here, Im thinking of a different approach to using two brains, instead of giving one over to the robots systems and reserving the other for user input, Im thinking of linking the two together like halves in a brain.
(follow up article on the ideas behind the brain 2 brain link up will follow soon).