29 January 2007


If a life size T-rex was standing in front of you clawing the ground and growling just before if bared its teeth and edged towards you wouldnt you want to run away ?
Well im hoping that when I get to see them I can get up really close and see inside...
Yep The walking with dinosaur's stage show started several days ago in Sydney and these giant aussie built robots are so real it 's frightening.
Ill keep you posted about dates and such as i get more info but they are set for a world wide tour that will take in the USA then Asia and Europe. Tickits are looking to be just under $100 aud but check your local ticket vendors for details of shows near you.
Im going to get tickets for this one so ill be writing more about these monsters soon
anyway the offical site for the show is HERE
The image is from the site and shows the 15 robots and thier sizes that are in the show.
go to and check it out , you can even buy merchandise at a later date with a coming soon link on the site to products forthcoming.