30 January 2007


News channels everywhere have picked up on the news of online video hosting services plans to start returning profits to their contributers.
This may be due to the fact that its a video based service and it relates to television very well.
Or some quirk of the internet which if you have been around for a while, have sure to have seen it before.
Maybe the transferal of google video to a GUI with hosting on YouTube has something to do with it with the power of the big boys behind it, its easy to get it seen on major channels.
So what can we hope for from all this ?
An increase in flow in people coming to YouTube with the intention of buying or selling videos, after all some of the quickest rises to fame in the past few months have been internet boosted.

The catch Ads on your page with money paid per view, well Im all for it and can see people making some real money here !!
Gee the internet is becoming an artist paradise isnt it ?
Long live digital media, the world of paper is really dieing..
its just coming at us from the most unlikly places.

Soon we will be going to be surrounded by new stars from the weirdest placse and doing some wierd things...all in the name of pop culture