28 February 2009

From the flames of Hell

WEll this blog has been underfed the last few years, now its as skinny as i aam :P, time to give it a better diet and start getting back into the swing of things.. but there enough here to keep you going for a while , so sit back and lets see what i can come up with this time around.

18 April 2007

Netstorm Activision Old School Online

Many moons ago when 56k dialup was all the rage a new game came out from the guys at activision called netstorm. At the time I remember going to pay my ISP account and the owner slipping me a CD of a game she was playing behind the counter. It was netstorm an online game with shades of tetris (slightly) red alert and warcraft. All rolled into a package that features floating islands, magic spells and leveling by sacrificing the ememy priest's. While not as indepth as say runescape or adventure quest rpg games it's still a blast.
So the object is to harness storm power by building bridges to the geyser's where the power crystals form and consructing workshops and adding new knowledge like rain generators and sun cannons to power and protect your priest . build golems to collect the power in the early levels and ore advanced machines to collect them later on.
When you can incapacitate the enemy priest you can send a golem or other unit to collect him and bring him back to the alter to sacrifice him to the storm furies to gain more knowledge in the multiplayer online games.
These games are run on a main server with battle rings appearing to slot into and fight upto 7 others at the same time, alliences can be made and broken and battles can be declared a draw by all left in play at anytime. The people who can sacrifice the enemy get a choice from a list of new tech to use in the next game.
so head over to the main site and download a copy now. Its been quite in the games and we need a new set of faces to build the islands in the sky. Why not register on thier forum as well to join up with the ladder comp or post images of your games for all to see.

03 April 2007

Recon Drone Hack

rc drone recon droid, robot
Originally uploaded by sprocket2cog.
this is our medivac chopper hacked into a remote drone, the shell is foam with carbon rod inserts for the boom and landing skids, but was too heavy,only getting to a height of 18 inches/.

29 March 2007

Night Ranger Intro & mod's

Well we decided to get hold of a remote control helicopter for the lab and after much debate ended up with the electric night ranger by Venom Air Corp . Theses little beast's have a single highspeed engine and two micro servos as well as gyro assisted flight and to boot no explosive LIPO batteries to go boom. This little guy runs on a custom nimh cells running at 8.4 volts or 7 1.2 aaa cells i guessing, as its wrapped in black shrink wrap.
The set is "ready" to fly with just a few basic things to do, assuming you know how to fly (we dont).
The power cell needs to be charged and the controller needs AA cells, eight in fact. But these were in the box, (nice venom green branded ones too).
Their is a heap of diffrent blade decals and we advise you use the main rotor stickers as they actually help to keep the blades from getting damaged, we chipped a blade on a cardboard box of all things and the stickers and a bit of black electrical tape had us up and running in no time at all.

The Next thing to do is read the book while the cell is charging, and watch the video of why you need more area then this to fly in ! We have replaced the tail rotor retaining grommet with a piece of longer silicon hose to hold on better and reduce the chance of loosing it. We also resoldered and taped ver the tail rotor motor as we snapped off both cables flying around the back yard and smashing into a window at night ! whichi is why theres no video.
I also built a training frame and removed all the chassis stickers to clean up the look, lees toy, more drone. The last thing we did was to reroute the aerial around the tail of the helicopter to reduce damage and increase the amount of unwund wire. The aerial was getting frayed wrapped around the skids.
We are having hassles getting stable flight so the whole chassis needs to be rebuilt and centered better, this is a matter of undoing the carbon rods that make up the moat of the frames and resetting them with new silicon tube with more of it. We also managed to snap a skid on a hard landing which is now taped and glued so is working fine, but plans are in place to rebuild them (the skids) in carbon fibre square rod like the trainer frame, and i'll most likely build the frame into it as well saving more weight, and balancing it up easier.
ore on the chopper as we learn to fly, then add our 2.4ghz micro cam to the underside for some onboard crashes. i mean flights.

28 March 2007

Terminator robot

Terminator robot
Originally uploaded by sprocket2cog.
This guy just popped yp in our local hobby store, a full size cast metal robot from the terminator line of robot, well terminators.
dosent do anything, but nice either way.

27 March 2007

lego webcam hacked

lego webcam hacked
Originally uploaded by sprocket2cog.
This is the lego web camera from the old Vision command system hacked to an adaptor ring made from some pvc fittings, The lens is a 35mm SLR lens from RICOH and features a macro mode as well as a zoom function. This is an ideal starter lens as the macro lets you use it for close up of circuits to read part id numbers so you can reverse enginner the projects for your own evil designs.
The screws on the ring lock into the len's flanges that used to lock it to the camera body.
The screws are on 25-30 degree angles to allow the lens to be slightly moved in and out for ultra fine adjustment of the focal lenth which for this lens was around 2 inches. ( i think ?) been a while since i knocked up the ring adaptor.

Viper from microbric - power hack

For all you viper owners out there looking for a way to add external power to your project so you dont need all those aaa cells , Heres the power mod for the board, just add your own 7-9 volt power supply to the robot, The red wire "no not the red wire !" solders to the switch block terminal as per the photo and the earth bolts into the holes in the board used to hold the battery boxes on, which you dont need now.

22 March 2007

XBR-001 mirco edtion

For those observant people out there, you may have noticed that the photos of the laminated sections seem out os scale to the plans . Well they are, during the mock up I noticed that the body and chassis were out of scale so after a rethink based on other ideas in our little book of hacks and mods. I decided to cut the chassis down from 300 to 250mm for this first run, the body rings are the same size but it means that the height will be lower to the ground reducing the center of gravity as well.
This will mean less rings for the robot at first reducing the cost, but the bigger robot will allow the ame parts to be reused. think of this as a micro chassis that can later be used as a secon equipment bay or even an oversized head.

Latest Sony Robot Hit's The Street

Well since the end of our friend AIBO we have all wondered if sony was going to bring us something new. Well its not the real deal, but lets hope sony releases some of these guys for us to hack, I mean use..

20 March 2007

Went looking for movies and found this little three part film for your pleasure, check out he other parts at youtube ( just click videos by this user