18 April 2007

Netstorm Activision Old School Online

Many moons ago when 56k dialup was all the rage a new game came out from the guys at activision called netstorm. At the time I remember going to pay my ISP account and the owner slipping me a CD of a game she was playing behind the counter. It was netstorm an online game with shades of tetris (slightly) red alert and warcraft. All rolled into a package that features floating islands, magic spells and leveling by sacrificing the ememy priest's. While not as indepth as say runescape or adventure quest rpg games it's still a blast.
So the object is to harness storm power by building bridges to the geyser's where the power crystals form and consructing workshops and adding new knowledge like rain generators and sun cannons to power and protect your priest . build golems to collect the power in the early levels and ore advanced machines to collect them later on.
When you can incapacitate the enemy priest you can send a golem or other unit to collect him and bring him back to the alter to sacrifice him to the storm furies to gain more knowledge in the multiplayer online games.
These games are run on a main server with battle rings appearing to slot into and fight upto 7 others at the same time, alliences can be made and broken and battles can be declared a draw by all left in play at anytime. The people who can sacrifice the enemy get a choice from a list of new tech to use in the next game.
so head over to the main site and download a copy now. Its been quite in the games and we need a new set of faces to build the islands in the sky. Why not register on thier forum as well to join up with the ladder comp or post images of your games for all to see.