23 February 2007

VOODO RIG- walk the dinosaur

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Ths is the control rig nicknamed the (voodoo rig) for the main control of all the neck body movement and tail movement for the dinosaurs. This one was for the larger Brachiosaurus and requires two hands to use. The black handle you see is for the tail movement and the signals from the control are processed and use a system based on can bus and wifi systems to send the signal to the robots.
, this unit had over 10 DOF to control the robot, and that didnt included the walking routines which are controlled onboard.
theres more photos at flickr, just click the image and check out my photostream.
Unfortunately my camera went flat ( bad batch of batteries - i had 5 sets from the same pack and all only took 3 or phots and went flat. doh !)
but I will be getting some more images from the adelaide show soon.
The show is loud, very loud so leave the babies ( under preschool ) at home or you may end up with a crying child. If you get the chance to get a ticket , try to get one for any show bar the last night, as earlier shows sometimes feature back stage tours after the show.
I went to the last show but unfortunatly due to time constraints with the next show, the tear down had begun so patrons were barred from staying to have a look.
I have heard rumors that a second batch of dinosaur's will be built to facilitate more world wide shows. who knows with this much work going on they may need to create them in a new workshop to get the room.
So stay tuned over the next few months as I track the show around Australia and try to get someone backstage in melbourne for more infomation and insider photos.
The dinosaurs are back and look set to just keep growing.