20 February 2007

Live Robot Hacking -(raptor)

So after ten days in downtown Drouin taking in the sunshine I was just starting to think I had gone the whole holiday without one robot hack to be seen..When low and behold on a quick trip to Marks mates brothers place (we will call him Brad for agument sake).
So anyway the story so far is one unhacked rasptor with the novelty worn off. (editor note-Raptors look really ugly with the novelty worn off them, trust me.) and one robophobic wife who runs when "brad" boots the raptor up. and one sprocket2cog with a few hours to kill before the plane takes off.
end result? Well we started at the bbeginning, a quick trip down the leg had the screws out and the leg inside exsposed so the kids and "Brad" could see what was inside. Next out with the ears and mouth screws and a few minutes later we were well into the mouth hack for the raptor.
(and all still with the batteries in.)
So as time was running out we sat down for a brain session on the ins and outs of the potential for hacking and jacking and screwed her back together.. I left happy knowing one more raptor can bite little kids better and brad was happy for the fact that
happy hacking "brad", now you just have to name it.