17 February 2007


Realtime Page Avatar system

So you wish you could see whos on that site your visting realtime ? not just as a log on a site survey? Well download this little plugin and program that adds realtime user avatars that are visting your site, now this dosnt show everyone on the net as a person, it only shoes other zweitgeist users on that page.
Chat ballons and avatar actions like waving and dancing allow interaction on a somewhat basic level. Meet new friends or see when friends or family are at your site or viewing the net as a tour in a virtual group.
goto http://portal.zweitgeist.com/
dowload the program and firefox extension and go avatar hunting. there isnt many out there yet. so get more avatars out on the web people..
and lets try for more avatars like robots and cars etc.
cant wait to see the hacks this app gets chopped up with ..more functions would be good as well.